Out With The Old, In With The New

Last year is dead and gone! Thank the Lord!!!

But let’s recap.


My Mom has her 4th chemo treatment the first week of January in 2018. The draino they pump into you for Pancreatic Cancer is just pure evil. I thought the treatment would kill her. She called me one day, because she had fallen and couldn’t get up. A couple of days later, she calls again. She had absolutely no strength. Her weight is at 97 pounds at 5’5″.

She took a 2 month break from treatment and regained some of her strength. I kept telling her it is quality of life…not quantity. She started taking CBD oil and started treatment again, but less the strongest of the cocktail she got. Plus, she knocked it down to every other week.

Her last CAT showed that her tumor was almost down to half of where it started.


At 19, maybe 5’2″ and 102 pounds soaking wet, she gets the flu. The flu turns to Gastroparesis. She looses weight daily. She went to the hospital a couple of times. She weighed 87 pounds when they finally diagnosed her and got her on some meds. She is gradually gaining back her life.


Well, twice we went through him peeing blood before he went to see the urologist. They tried to examine him in the office, no drugs. When they tried to shove that thing up his butt, it was almost war. He had to go to the hospital and have the test run with him knocked out. It took 3 days before he had some kind of control peeing after those test. My bathroom paid the price. Watching your husband run through the house, literally pinching the end of his Peter is quit a site.

Turns out, his lymphoma is racking havoc in that part of his body. Back to the Oncologist. By the time he gets to the Oncologist, it has stopped.

About 6 weeks later, he starts peeing blood again. The pain is killing him. It have to threaten his butt to get him to call the urologist and go back. When he get home from the doctor, 5 hours later, he has a catheter and is bagged. He had to go back every two weeks for 6 weeks before they removed it.

His prostate is suppose to be the size of a walnut. His is the size of his fist. He has surgery on January 7.


While she didn’t really like me to start with, I became the enemy for a while. She had dementia. She saw her son as her husband. So, I was seen as the other woman. And our granddaughter was seen as our love child. She hated me, threatened my life, and told a lady at church he was cheating with me.

We had someone who lived with her. Helped her out, cooked for her. Did all the housework. But she graduated college with her nursing degree and moved on.

My husband came to the decision that he would retire early and care for his mother. His sister told him it would be better for us all to find her a home to live in.

We found a great place for her to live. Very expensive, but better than anyplace else here. But after about 3 months, my husband’s sister figured she would get better care if their mother moved in with them. She lived their for 6 weeks when she passed the day after Thanksgiving.

Selling the Mother-in-laws house:

When we moved her into the memory unit, we put her home up for sale. Within a couple of weeks, we had an offer. But by the time the inspector was finished, the house sounded like it would fall apart from water damage that didn’t exist. A hole in the garage wall was written as water damage, my mother-in-law drove her car into the wall. So, we hired a contractor, repaired the garage, painted, changed out a couple of light fixtures, replaced some fence and had a toilet fixed.

It sat around for a couple of months. Then some interest. They backed out. Another person interested. Before the sale was complete, my mother-in-law passed. Which changed everything! My husband and his sister had to jump through hoops and fill out piles of extra notarized paperwork before the house sale could finalize.


I have been taking tamoxifen for 2 years. The Mylan brand was what I took from day one.

In October I was given the Teva brand. I got ulcers in my sinus cavity and my hot flashes stopped.

In November I was given the Mayne brand. Ulcers went away, but the inside of my mouth started peeling. Still no more hot flashes.

In December I was given the Actavis brand. My bones started aching constantly. The ulcers came back in my sinus cavity. And my head started itching with my hair thinning out. And no hot flashes.

January…I get the Mylan brand again. Bones are hurting, still have the ulcers, mouth peeling, lower back hurting, and my head quit itching. And by day 2, the hot flashes came back with a vengeance!

Oh, my birthday was New Years Eve…I lost one of my bestfriends to Thyroid cancer that day.

My youngest daughter:

She has been complaining about her jaw hurting. Then we all started hearing it pop. She goes in to the dentist who has referred her to a specialist. We are looking at reconstruction surgery!

Plus I have an ex son-in-law who thought it was intelligent to make my daughter drive her daughter from Tyler, Texas all the way to McGee, Mississippi, just so he could drive her back to Texas. I still cannot wrap my mind around his logic with that decision. Why would you want to make a kid ride in a car for six hours away from her home, just to drive her back?

I need some down time. No more illness, hospital visits, medical test, drama or loss. I need a peaceful year. Or at least one not quite so filled with crap! Goodbye 2018…Hello 2019!

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