About the Boob Job

Me: I have breast cancer.

The Stupid Reply By Many Other People’s: At least you get a free boob job out of the deal.

It’s NOT free!

It’s not a boob job. A boob job would require me having breast!!!

It’s an amputation with implanted prosthetics.

There’s a HUGE difference! Real boobs do not in any way shape or form feel like these do!

I have joked about this from the beginning, too. You know want to know why? It was because I was absolutely clueless. You know why else? I needed to know there was hope. And there is. Plus, I needed the comedy relief in order to accept what was about to happen to me, and it helped.

But there is also a dark side to this so called reality. (This is where you might want to stop reading.) Ignorance and denial are very powerful tools to have at times.

If you continue to read, please note these are my truths and may not be yours. We are all different; therefore, we heal differently.

No matter what, fake will never be real. Real is better unless they are diseased, and then fake is the next best illusion.

I have numb breast. I mean completely numb. If I close my eyes and you do the feather test, I will never feel a thing. And I am pretty sure you could catch on fire and I would not know.

Mine are smaller than the set original real boobs were. And this new set has created all kinds of issues.

The muscles are tight from long periods of restricted movement (basically 9 months), so there’s a painful pulling on my both of my shoulders. The good news is physical therapy should fix all these issues in time. But when it is cold, I feel like they are crushing me. Think about it; skin, pectoral muscle, and silicone implant. The muscle get cold and tighten up. Pressing the implant into your ribs. Eventually, the implants themself get cold…it takes forever to warm yourself back up.

They also look different. Maybe that shouldn’t bother me. Maybe I should be use to it, but even after finishing surgery I still need help with the psychological part of this. Plus, they change the way I have to stand, walk, run, sleep and stretch my arms.

Cleavage- Yes, I have some. But it is spread farther apart that it once was. They sit differently. It’s not bad of a difference. It’s just different.

They change the way my clothes fit. This has taken some getting used to. Thank the Lord, I’m not a fashion diva or I would be screwed.

If you’re about to walk this path, for me at least, it’s been worth it. BUT if you decide to go a different route, don’t let anyone take you down or belittle you. Boobs don’t define us. How we choose to fight and live does!

Be courageous! Fight the good fight! Have faith because God has a plan, and it is good!

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