A Breast Cancer Prayer

One of my fellow pink sisters posted this on another site a couple of years ago…I probably read it 200 times since I printed it. The need to share it has been pushing at me…

Note, I did not write this and am drawn to share with all those going through this journey.

Gracious God I come to You with all praise due to Your Holy name. Just want to say thank You for each of my Pink Sisters in this group. Father even though this ugly disease brought us in contact with each other the love and support that each one gives I know comes from You. As this year comes to an end I ask that You continue to be with everyone of them. Those that have had surgery and treatment continue to heal them and give them strength. Those taking medicine let it be helpful and no side affects. Bless spouses and children of ours because they two are fighting with us. Those of us who don’t have a support system let them know they are not alone. Let them reach out and find help support and love. Those that have won the battle let them sleep in sweet rest till we all come and worship You. But most of all let there be a cure soon so others don’t have to wear this journey. But in all we say Hallelujah anyhow and won’t let this trouble get us down. We give You all the praise honor and glory in Jesus name I pray. Amen

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