How Bad Can I Embarrass Myself

I am so stupid when I get mad! But then I think a lot of people are.

I hate fencing contractors! More like I hate any contractor who gives you an installation date, and then they keep changing or putting off the job.

What does all this have to do with me and my breast cancer? I will get there in a minute!

We hired a fencing company two months before my breast cancer diagnosis to replace our fencing around the back yard. When the fencing people finally made it to do the work (a month after my mastectomy) our bathroom contractor had stuff in their way, so they couldn’t get their stuff here and put up the fence.

Then a month later, they stopped by for a hot minute (at 8 in the morning), and said they would be back in an hour. Their hour lasted four on the clock. And when they returned, there was only one guy!

It was a beautiful, perfect day. I opened all the windows in the house to let the air blow through it. I also opened the doors that had screens.

I went and took a shower, walked across the house to my room, and started my new ritual of rubbing vitamin E and coconut oil into my mastectomy scars.

Ok, I am already pissed off at them for showing up at 8 and leaving for four hours. But now that I saw the guy drive up, park in my driveway, and he again tells my husband he will be right back, and drives away! I blow a gasket.

Mind you, I am topless, walking through my house with all the doors and windows open…foobies just out there with me rubbing oil into the scar to help them fade…past three windows and a door that are open…screaming like a banshee about the fence guy leaving again…and three of the four workers that are in my back yard in full view of the my half naked irate self!

My husband looks at me and says, “you know you are flashing all the guys working on the fence?”

What the heck is wrong with me? I just kept walking, waved, and went to my room, shut the door and covered up the foobies.

Those poor guys…I mean really. They are probably scarred for life. Who in their 20’s wants to see an older woman walking around with frankenboobs?

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