Letting Go, Letting God

A sermon at church, “letting go, letting God” is what kick-started this blog! God has a purpose for all…have you opened your heart and mind to find the purpose God has set for you?

For all my fellow Cancer patients/survivors…God has a purpose for all of us…was cancer part of our purpose, I don’t know, I highly doubt it…how have you dealt with it?

Me, being the outspoken woman that I am, feel that after being diagnosed with breast cancer, God wanted me to voice my journey, tell you about my research into my cancer, show you how I found my strength to fight this cancer, and share it all with everyone willing to read about it. God wanted me to help those who are afraid of cancer to believe in Gods hand working through the doctors and treatments. God wanted me to show all of you that you need to have hope and with Gods help, a fellow human will find a cure that puts an end to cancer. God also wanted me to show you that your inner strength and love for God will guide and keep you safe during the trials of your treatment!

None of us ever thought that we would get cancer. None of us ever planned for it and put it on our schedule. It just jump out a mammogram or other test, and slapped us in the face. And I, as well as you, soon learn that a cancer diagnosis wrecks all of our plans and destroys any semblance of normalcy. It is the ever-present nemesis to the orderly. It is not something any of us can control.

I started educating myself on this disease and following my doctor’s orders. I felt as though I was not in control…cancer took over control. With patience, to which I have little, I rearranged and reworked commitments to fit my doctors schedule. Visits for three different doctors, possibility of chemo, and other treatments.

I started writing about everything I learned. I noticed that Cancer didn’t have control any longer…but that God had taken control of me. Using me to help educate those who will listen. I learned to incorporate quality time with God…just me and the Lord taking about my treatment, or just my day. I know how fortunate I am that cancer hasn’t interrupted my life any more than it has.

Dear Lord,

Keep my mind clear and open to your love. Help me to express what I feel and have learned about this cancer, and it’s treatment. Help me to stay strong during each day as I live with the new me. I find it hard for me to look at myself on some days, but knowing that you love me, no matter what has changed on the outside, keeps me moving forward. Bless all of those who know you, Lord, and those who don’t. I know that someday, those who don’t know you will find and love you as I do. I praise you, Lord, and pray that I do a good of being your servant.


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