After Dating for 6 months I Get a Cancer Diagnosis And He Stayed

If a possible breast cancer diagnosis seems difficult to reveal to a significant other, just imagine revealing it to someone after dating for 6 months. You shouldn’t have to tell someone, you are dating, that he needn’t feel obligated to stick around. That he might want to move on, but Glen didn’t feel obligated, and he stayed with me through tests, surgery, and we didn’t let cancer hold our relationship back.

At 38, while in the shower, I felt a lump in my right breast. When I took a closer look, I found a marble size, hard lump. After getting dressed, you could actually see it through my sweater I showed the Nurse that I worked with, who told the doctor we worked for, he told me to get on the phone with my Gynecologist because being under 40, I needed a referral. I was told I couldn’t get in to see him for 5 weeks. The doctor, I worked for said that was unexceptable, then called them back and got me an appointment for that afternoon. I had a needle aspiration done, with nothing extracted, so I was made an appointment for a mammogram, biopsy and ultrasound at the Ross Breast Center.

During the period between undergoing these tests and receiving the results, Glen and I started getting more serious. I told him that I might have breast cancer, and soon after I got confirmation that it was, in fact, the very first stages of breast cancer. On our next date, I broke the news, and he told me that it didn’t matter to him. I held back with him at first, afraid that he might not stick around, but over time, he proved that he was there for the long haul.

Over the next two weeks, I had a lumpectomy. Through it all, Glen stayed by my side. As far as our relationship, we began living together after the first of the year and engaged the next Christmas.

Our love story is an inspirational tale of fighting cancer and standing by someone no matter what. He has stayed with me for 20 years and a second bout with breast cancer. A bilateral mastectomy, my man has stuck by my side through another journey.

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