Ready-made Prosthetic Nipples

When I had my bilateral mastectomy, I chose breast reconstruction without nipple reconstruction. But here lately, I have been thinking that maybe I want nipples. But I just don’t want another surgery. A woman on a survivor group told me she purchased silicone nipples. And told me how natural they look.

Nipple/Areola prostheses (prostheses is plural for prosthesis) are made of silicone by breast prosthesis manufacturers and anaplastologists for breast cancer survivors who had a mastectomy. Prostheses can be worn in just weeks after a mastectomy, breast reconstruction, or even nipple reconstruction. It is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to surgery. Patients can choose to wear them anytime during treatment. Most patients who find nipple prostheses (with help from others who wear them themselves) thought that they should have been informed of them during the consultation with the Plastic Surgeon prior to their mastectomy.

The physical and emotional scars of breast cancer are expressed by survivors daily. We tend to worry less about our appearance and more about cancer recurrence and mortality. Such emotional stress can have a overwhelming impact on our lives. The emotional devastation of a life sparring mastectomy for women can affect self-appearance, self-confidence and most certainly intimacy. Many of the women that had a mastectomy have a decreased desire for sex, which is related to self-appearance and self-confidence, and may or may not be related to her partner’s attraction, a long with the hormone blockers or inhibitors decreasing your sex drive. A healthy intimate relationship with a spouse resonates with posterity and creates a happy and loving environment for all.

Although prosthetics have been around for decades, few patients are informed of the option since surgeons recommend surgery for reconstruction instead of prosthetics. Many breast surgeons and plastic surgeons have yet to even see mass-produced nipple prostheses, let alone custom nipple prostheses. Reconstruction of the breast mound is very common after surgical treatment and significantly contributes to the psychosocial well-being and rehabilitation of the breast cancer survivor. Following a mastectomy, body image is more positive with reconstruction. Breast reconstruction alone falls short of its restorative potential. The nipple-areolar complex is extremely important to women, which is why so many women would like a nipple-sparing mastectomy even though the nipple renders insensate after surgery. Nipple prostheses can provide this benefit even in situations that nipple reconstruction and tattooing cannot. Generally speaking, women with only breast mound reconstruction do not have a difference in self-appearance with clothing compared to women with breast mound and nipple reconstruction. However, women with a reconstructed nipples are more content with their nude appearance than women with only breast mound reconstruction.There is also a psychological benefit of creating the nipples after the surgical reconstruction of the breast. Women with breast and nipple reconstruction report an overall greater satisfaction with breast reconstruction, regarding the size, softness, and sexual sensitivity of the breast. Similar benefits are found with nipple prosthetics.

In the past, the greatest complaint with prosthetics is not having secure adherence. When prostheses are not adhered securely, satisfaction of prostheses is significantly decreased. Presently common are self-adhering prostheses (mass-produced) which adhere well initially, but the adhesion weakens over a few months. Another common method of adhesion is to apply an organic based pressure sensitive adhesive to the prosthesis for each use. However, removing the adhesive is difficult and can easily tear the thin edges of the prosthesis. Most promising though is a fabrication technique where the silicone prostheses are bonded to a thin layer of polyurethane. A water-based acrylic rubber adhesive is applied to the polyurethane, and the prostheses could be adhered to the skin for up to two weeks at a time. Removing the adhesive from the prostheses is fairly simple and is done with an alcohol swab. The edges of the prostheses remain thin and durable due to the polyurethane layer. Additionally, the water-based adhesive is gentle on the skin and is indicated for irradiated skin.

Pink Perfect (, which produces realistic, ready-made and custom-made adhesive silicone nipples for survivors who have undergone unilateral or bilateral mastectomy. The prosthetics are handmade from the finest quality silicone, and thus are very close to the look and feel of real skin. They are waterproof and adhere to the breast with a medical-grade adhesive that can last for days, so women can confidently wear them in the shower, swimming pool, or even swimming in the ocean. These silicone prosthetic nipples offer an alternative solution to nipple reconstruction surgery or nipple tattooing. There is no pain or surgery involved in the prosthetic nipple process. The prosthetics can last for years, and if the survivor is pleased with them, they can actually eliminate the need for more surgery and more expense. Furthermore, they are even reimbursable by insurance.

With a shirt and a regular bra it has a subtle look. Without a bra it gives you a natural look.

The nipples come with Pros-aide adhesive which holds for several days or with Telesis adhesive which holds for more than a week (you can select which one during checkout).

Made from a high quality silicone, the nipples have an authentic appearance however the texture isn’t particularly prominent. Their thin edges & transparency blend seamlessly into the skin.

Please note:

Price is for a pair of nipples (quantity of 1 means a pair).

Our nipples are specially made to order and require several days to be ready.

14-days money-back guarantee. Free exchange for a different color if needed.

One year warranty against defects/torns. Free USPS worldwide shipping!

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