One Or Both?

I wrote this three years ago after I had just been diagnosed On a facebook page I have. But some of you ladies are just now starting your journey, so I am putting it on here.

The MRI results are in, and the winner is……..

…..the left breast.

Ding ding ding! My left girl is free and clear of cancer, so now, whatever happens, I get to have a mismatched set.

Asymmetry is interesting – just ask Picasso.

But I prefer to be symmetrical! So, both be gone! Bilateral Mastectomy for the win! Insertion of tissue expanders To be done right after.

In the right, I have multicentric The presence of two or more foci of cancer within the same breast quadrant is defined as multifocal, while the presence of two or more foci of cancer in different quadrants of the same breast is defined asmulticentric) disease (a fancy way of saying cancer soup) The MRI, which he emphasized is not always accurate, shows three different tumors size ranging from 4x7x9mm @ 3:00, 4x6x9mm @ 2:00, and 4x7x9mm @ 4:00. These are all on the edge of the mass that was removed 16 years earlier.

I like this man, my Oncology Radiologist, he never led me into anything. He told me the results and is letting me ask questions to come to my own decision, while giving his subtle opinion.

He said the goal is, of course, being cancer free. I agreed with him, duh. But, if I can possibly be cancer free with breasts, that’s what I want to do.

Although my doctor didn’t say it, I sensed that he felt a bilateral mastectomy would be best for me. He did say due to the nature of the disease and where it’s located, that I might want to consider the removal of both.

So, my choices appear to be:

Mastectomy, immediate reconstruction, and chemo (if they decide it is necessary). Or bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, and chemo if needed.

He told me he would have the report faxed to my office, so I’ll see them tomorrow. I do much better reading than I do hearing, so after I get them I’ll have more questions (although I had plenty) and a better idea about what I’m facing.

He also suggested I go ahead and call my oncologist to see if he even will do chemo first. I’m way ahead of him – I already asked him that and he said he wanted one more test done one me. So, I will be having my surgery first.

A very real consideration is lymphodema, which would be a lifetime problem. My work and my recreation relies on my being able to use my arm, and my right arm at that.

Right now, I am most likely it going to have to do chemo (Oncologist said it depends on what my my complete pathology report says).

I forgot to tell him how much my breast was hurting after the biopsies were taken (the boob is still purple where they took the tumor samples). I hate pain. Migraines taught me that.

I asked how critical it was that I make a decision quickly about a mastectomy in just the right side, or a bilateral mastectomy. He said I had just less than 2 weeks. So, I will weigh my options carefully – this may be one of the biggest decisions I have to make.

What to do???

What to do???

For me, my first reaction is generally what I end up doing. And my first thought was to cut them both off. And rebuild.

Decision made!

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