Breast Cancer Affects

What’s the worst that could happen to me? Cancer? It never even crossed my mind.

Until it did.

Breast cancer is a disease that affects both your body and mind. Beyond the obvious stress of being diagnosed and needing various treatments, you may experience physical changes you weren’t expecting.

It seems everything should stop when you get breast cancer news, because your world does. Without warning, all the attention shines on you, and the family has to catch up as best they can. Husband and wife are biblically one, so what happens to one body figuratively happens to the other. The wife’s breast cancer affects every husband. If you are married or engaged, talk openly with your husband or fiancé about his fears and concerns. Encourage him to seek someone at church or a buddy he can talk to, cry in front of, and pray with.

Your children are going to be scared, no matter what their age. Mine were adults, but the impact is still the same. Young children may not grasp the seriousness of the situation, which is usually a good protection for them. Helping them cope takes creativity that you probably won’t have. Teens often don’t want to deal with it, which can seem hurtful, but is perfectly normal for their age group.

Try to engage your extended family and church family to be there for your immediate family. When asked where you might need help, suggest something for them to do with the family…a movie, day at the park, or zoo. For your husband, maybe a baseball game or a day of golf. Every family reacts differently. Often they surprise us in ways we could never expect- good ways and sometimes, bad ways.

So many are lifting prayer in your name right now, take a moment to ask God to comfort your family from their fear and concerns. Recognize that any negative behavior probably stems from either fear or not knowing how to react.

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