The Cancer Connection And The Deceiver

I don’t care who you are, we all make mistakes, everybody does. How we learn from them is our own choice, so choose wisely! Deceit ruins trust.

You get the word, the call, the diagnosis “You have cancer”. SHIT, are you kidding me?, am I going to die?, how did this happen?, what am I going to do? Among others, these things go through your head.

Your friends and family members want so much to tell you it will be ok and they find ways to help, but if they never had cancer then they just do not really get it. They buy you books on breast cancer, a new bible, hats and scarfs. You are bombarded with more stuff than you can handle.

So, it was 2016 (when I got my diagnosis) and social media is at everyone’s fingertips, literally you can search anything you want to know on you phone. You search Google like a mad woman for information and blogs about breast cancer. You check out all the breast cancer pages on Facebook. WOW, you find so many cyber friends all feeling those intense feelings. All going through the war against this disease that is wrecking havoc on your body without your permission. You become friends with so many, now I do not mean “friends”, I mean you cry with them, laugh and want them to be well.

The connection is real and strong, they call it “CANCER CONNECTION”. The fact is we all need this so bad, not just for the advice and words of encouragement but to see we are not alone. I want to meet all these fighters, in Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, South Carolina, Florida, all over I want to meet, hug and cry with everyone!

So do you get how important these friends are…they are so important. We post pictures to let each other know who we are doing, when the next surgery or treatment are, to make us laugh and sometimes to cry.

Enter… I just can’t even say her name, so sick with stage 4 triple negative breast cancer. Telling me how she is now completely broke and needs money to continue treatment. She is alone because her husband left her when they cut off her boobs. Showing me ALL her meds she takes.

Pictures go up on my messenger because she is back in the ER and is scared as hell. Telling me that she cannot go on and she accepts death. Pray for her please. Of course, I prayed for her and asked my friends to pray also. I sent her so much encouraging words she must have been so happy. I told her that I was here for her, told her our own personal struggles. Opened up so she knew she could trust us. I cried cause she was so ill and I wanted to help her. Our heart was heavy for our friend battling and needing support. UNTIL…..

I was messaged by her brother, who told me a story I will not repeat about the things she has done to try and get money for drugs. At first, I was so hurt…this woman that I thought had a scarier version of what I had…had been lying to me. Then, I got extremely angry…made myself sick, I was so mad. I wanted to just rip…

She was and is a cancer FAKE and so are any pictures she shows you of her in the hospital or of her meds. The meds belong to her sister-in-law. Her head was shaved to make it look like she had lost it. These are the facts, we do not need to give it more than that.

I began to pray. Pray that God forgive me for having such ugly thoughts. To forgive her for deceiving me and probably a lot of others.

I reached out to her. I gave her the chance to admit her lies. I hope she is getting help. I am done trying and I really believe she needs to be exposed. Not to hurt her, but because I believe she needs some major help. And to let those who she is seeking attention and possibly money from know that she does not have CANCER. I am not trying to hurt her, but I am hoping it will release her from the lie and I hope that she stops. I want her to move past this and get on with life. Her name is Kathy. I have removed her from my friends and blocked her.

Those of us fighting right now will never understand why she did this. I want her to have peace with the Lord, so he can guide her to be a better person.

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