Boob Whisperers

While wait for my grand-daughter, Maddi, in dance class, I was reading a few blogs. One “Kelly’s Cancer Beat Down” I saw where she calls her Plastic Surgeon “The Boob Whisperer.” I like it. Dr Saar has now been deemed “The Boob Whisperer.”

I would have to admit that some of our plastic surgeons should be considered Boob Whisperers. And some shouldn’t be allowed to work on them at all.

I would put my plastic surgeon, Dr Saar and his partner, Dr O’Halloran, both in the Boob Whisperers Hall of Fame. I mean, mine look really good.

Dr Saar has been very happy with how my foobies are shaping up. There is still the little extra skin on the left side, but he wants me to wait three months to reassess it, and he can fix it in a simple outpatient procedure if necessary. He has done such a phenomenal job, I mean, really…think about it…he starts with some skin and builds you a new set of foobies, either with or without fipples. I am amazed at how good they look and feel. Yes, I’m still obsessed with feeling them all the time, I test different spots to see if the numbness is gone. Pressure is still all I feel!

Believe it or not something commonly said during breast cancer discussion is “hey at least you get a boob job out of it.” Or even “at least you get a free boob job out of it.” All of us Pink ladies hear this over and over from people who haven’t a clue. There are boob jobs and there is boob reconstruction. They are not anywhere near being even a little bit the same. Yes, I have implants but that’s where the similarity ends.

A boob job, or breast augmentation, basically takes what God gave you and enhances it. It is a cosmetic choice. You still have your original boobs and your nipples. The Boob Whisperer did this for me seven months before they found my breast cancer, but add a Benelli lift with it. I mean, you need to put those head lights pointing back where they started…why leave them pointing to the ground?

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy starts over from square one, from the ground up, often characterized as a salvage job. If you’ve had a breast augmentation, please know that nothing about your experience even comes close to that of a reconstruction patient. I know, because I have had both! And believe me, it is absolutely in no way, shape, or form the same.

Some mastectomies are skin or nipple sparing. Which for me was not an option. And once they remove those nipples, so is any sensation. You know how good your nipples can feel ladies? That zing that can go from your nipples to other places? Yeah…well, that would be only a memory now…GONE!!!

If nipples are part of the price to stay alive, take them when you take those boobs that we’re trying to kill me. I’m pretty sure, because I’ve had both a mastectomy and boob job, you get to keep your nipples with a boob job.

Free my Ass! It’s not “free” if you have to pay insurance copays and deductibles. Plus there’s the mental cost…you body has just been disfigured, you grieve the loss of your breast and the meds they put you on make you sick and sometimes make you cra-cra! When you get boob job, you go home and after a short healing period, will admire their new boobs, buy new clothes, and celebrate. Cancer survivors go home after reconstruction and see more scars and wonder if or when their cancer may return.

As fabulous as these fippleless foobies are, because The Boob Whisperer is awesome, the pectoral muscles ache, the area is completely numb, nippleless and scarred. And even though they feel pretty good, they’re still not like real boobs.

I would trade them for my old (without the three tumors) God given breasts with or without the Boob Job I had just had done in a heartbeat. Am I glad I have foobies? Very. Do I view it as “getting a boob job out of it?” No, that’s just plain stupid.

I’ve previously mentioned how I frequently read articles about what not to say to cancer patient and survivors and how I don’t agree with most of them but comparing a boob job to reconstructed breasts is something I can safely say, “JUST. DON’T. SAY. IT!!!”

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