30 Randoms of Yours Truly

If I could remember who challenged me I would shout them out, but damn I can not remember and when I checked I could not find it. So shit does it matter?

1. I was a majorette until homecoming my senior year.

2. I only really dated one boy while I was in high school (our break up is another story to be told one day), I told him I didn’t want to be tied down and just wanted to hang out with my friends.

3. There has only really been one guy I wanted to date, but never did.

4. I have had 2 miscarriages, one 2 years after I had my tubes tied and another in my mid 40’s.

5. I can burp the alphabet (I know, not very ladylike).

6. I write and eat right handed & I drive and fish left handed.

7. I still love to lay on the lawn at night and watch the stars.

8. I have been in actual fist fights.

9. I do not lie (I will ignore your question rather than lie), it is a legit curse and gets me in trouble sometimes.

10. I can fly fish, surf, scuba dive and ride a motorcycle.

11. I got excepted to Pepperdine University, but never went.

12. I dreamt I was the driver of a 18 wheeler but teleported out of the truck as it was struck by a van…the next night my brother died in an accident where a Van hit him head on while he was driving an 18 wheeler.

13. I watched every single soap opera when I was in high school all channels, I rotated what days I would watch which channel. I now HATE them.

14. I love my family and am loyal to a fault.

15. I live with a man that can never remember to put the toilet seat is DOWN…it drive me insane.

16. I am impatient. If you don’t do something you tell me you will do, I will just go do it myself.

17. I am not happy unless I start my Sunday with coffee and my family.

18. I have body image issues ever since I had my bilateral mastectomy.

19. I am petrified at the sense of emptiness inside myself, so I fill my life with distractions to keep myself occupied.

20. I allow my inner critic to ridicule myself because it’s the only way I know to create motivation.

21. I can fake smile toward others when I don’t want to because I know that my feelings aren’t important to other people.

22. I have been known to eat a “family size” bag of chips by myself.

23. I have been caught many times wielding a bare wrapping paper tube as a lightsaber.

24. I have written, while angry, more than one 9,593-word nasty gram to a family member and never hitting send.

25. I have complained that I had plans to get out of a social function, even though I totally didn’t.

26. I have rehearsed conversations in my head that I probably will never have.

27. I have faked organisms before.

28. I have peed in the shower.

29. I get really aggravated when someone tells me my work is wrong and it isn’t.

30. I really, really, really hate to admit when I am wrong.

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