Snack Attacks

I’m a snacker (grazer is what my Daddy use to say about me). I’d rather snack all day than eat a meal. Both of my precious grand-daughters are like me. 5 minutes after eating a meal, they are asking for a snack. We should all have their (ours in the past) metabolism!

Crappy cancer has changed my eating habits. My appetite is far diminished from normal, so there’s not a lot of cooking happening right now. (Actually, no cooking. My electric stove bit the dust. Kitchen remodel is about to happen)

And for some ungodly reason, I am gaining weight. I have been told between the hormone blockers and the fact the my thyroid decided to act up at the same time breast cancer showed it’s ugly face, I am pretty much screwed!

I’m supposed to eat healthy and cut out sugar and carbohydrates, which feed cancer. “Colorful” foods describe it best.

Now, I really do like these food choices, but I also love chocolate and ice-cream. If they are colorful ice cream does that count? I highly doubt it…but they are staying on my menu!

Antioxidants are cancer fighters. I’m not going to go into the scientific explanation of what antioxidants do and why we need them because I’m sure you don’t care. Unless you have crappy cancer. Then you care. Because cancer lurks somewhere in our bodies ready to come back again. We don’t ever “cure” cancer. We merely put it in remission for a time.

So, as a “cancer survivor” of crappy breast cancer, I dang sure want to give my body every chance of fighting off a third bout of this dumb crappy disease.

Did you know that apples contain natural estrogen? I like to have fell out of my chair! I love apples. But hormone driven cancer requires giving up apples. So, this girl only eats maybe one a week!

Dried fruits are also a no go…apricots, dates and prunes. Flaxseed is also on that list. Along with chickpeas and dried beans, and peas bring more to the table than just phytoestrogens. They contain minerals like magnesium, iron, and potassium, even pack some protein. I love peas, just don’t eat them like I use too!

You can also add wheat bran and soy to that list. They may be beneficial for fiber, but they have estrogen in them. I also have to read labels on meats, hormone free and grass fed are best.

Alcohol…that margarita, studies have identified a link between regular alcohol consumption may increase estrogen levels and cause damage to DNA. They also note that women who drink three alcoholic beverages per week increase their risk of developing breast cancer by 15%.

According to estimates, the risk goes up by about 10% with each additional drink per day.

So I’m eating lots of colorful foods, avoiding sugar and carbs as well as red meat. I’m starving to death! But hey, maybe I’ll lose some weight! That’s it Michelle, let’s look on the bright side. Repeat after me: Food is only fuel for the body. Food is only fuel for the body. Food is only fuel for the body…

God help me…I love food!

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