Holidays and Breast Cancer

When normal healthy people have a holiday gathering, they do things like: cook, socialize, eat, socialize, eat more, socialize more, eat more, socialize more. Me, the Breast Cancer patient…during my first run of holidays, I do things like: cook until my back starts hurting, lie down for a while, cook a little more, lay down a little longer, eat, socialize briefly, lie down for a while, eat more, socialize more, fight off sleep while lying down, eat more, socialize more, lie down more, send off guests, sleep, wake up, socialize, go back to bed until morning.

Yes, I had to take breaks to lie down during Christmas. I had to take more pain meds than usual. I almost fell asleep while we had a houseful of guests. I did fall asleep while laying on the couch watching a movie and talking with my family. I woke up at the end of the movie and socialized more before everyone left. Then I finally went back to bed, I only slept 3 hours when I woke up due to a hot flash.

I was happy to host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner but with ailments its not as easy. Thanksgiving I went all out cooking half the dinner and my brother-in-law cooked the other half. Christmas I cheated, cooking a frozen lasagna and garlic bread. New Years dinner was left overs…I had no desire to cook after hosting my birthday the day before. But I can’t stand up long enough to cook for so many, this was the easy to have everyone over. And I still needed to take breaks and rest. This also means that I have less time to socialize with family members.

I guess what this really means is that my life has changed and I don’t get to do everything I want or use to do any more (I am glad I ‘finally’ figured that out….. Call me slow.)

But it was enjoyable…even though it completely wore me out. I just need to learn to remember to plan my abilities better.

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