Rebel In Me

Sometimes I need to let my inner rebel out and stop being such a good patient. And I really am a really am a good patient. I go to all of my appointments, take all of my prescribed meds, I don’t hold anything back from my doctors, and I generally do everything they tell me to do.

But all this side affect bullshit is about to get in my last nerve!

As a breast cancer patient, we get all kinds of weird feelings. Starts with a little tingle, ache, twitch or pinching sensation. Or something is just not right. We have a conversation with ourself trying to figure out if this is normal or something new. Do we need to call the doctor or just live with it and see what happens.

Eventually, it either goes away, just nags at us, or blows up to where we just can’t stand it anymore.

Before cancer, every medical misadventure just went to the wayside. I didn’t over think anything because it wasn’t really that important. Now, after this cancer crap, it is a different story.

I have to put a time limit on everything. Significant ailments, like extreme pain, very high fever is a five day wait. Nausea , vomiting and diarrhea that last longer than 24 hours…call the doctor and go in.

Anything else has a two week rule with me. If I make myself wait, usually I end up not needing the doctor, or so I make myself think.

Now that I have these time limit rules, it prevents me from over stressing and making way to many doctors appointments. If something doesn’t get better in the time frame, it’s time to call the doctor.

Part of relearning to be a semi-normal person after cancer treatment is learning how to handle potential ailments. I cannot let myself fall into the trap where every little symptom drives me to the doctor.

I have also learned that I need to tell the story about any symptoms when I get to the doctor. I shouldn’t just go to the doctor and say, this hurts. When I go in I need to explain hen it started, what makes it worse, and what I have done so far to deal with it.

My tolerance for symptoms has changed since before cancer. My husband says I tolerate way to much. I have a lot going on medically…Tamoxifen is hell, but a must. Plus meds for my thyroid and osteoporosis. And then there is the regiment of Vitamins to help with the side affects of the Tamoxifen.

I probably sound a little whiny. Oh, well! Get over it…I know I will.

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