I have a daughter who’s ex husband is using this virus as a tool to keep his daughter. Technically he has kidnapped her. She is scared and wants to go home to her mother.

I have a second daughter who works in a grocery store who comes home with hives everyday from work! People are rude and panicking and in some cases causing bodily harm to those just trying to do their job.

I have a nephew who has completely lost it over this virus. He seems to think that the government is going to come in and take everything and lock us all up like the Nazi’s did the Jews.

People need to get a damn grip.

If your immune system isn’t compromised you will more than likely come out of this unscathed. But for those with immune issues, there is cause for worry.

But there is absolutely no reason to go out being pushy and rude and stockpile all the toilet paper you can grab. This is a respiratory virus. I have never seen lungs that shit, but I am guessing some people think they do.

No matter how much toilet paper you have stored in your closet, you will more than likely get this bug. Wash your hands, people! Don’t touch your face. Don’t shake hands. Wipe all the door knobs with Clorox wipes. And if someone coughs spray Lysol.

I just want my grandbaby home with her Momma. Where she feels safe.

I want to make sure my Momma does gets this virus, because having cancer in her lungs and currently receiving chemo make her a prime target.

I am trying to keep my husband from being stupid and going in public, because he also is a prime target for this virus. My husband is about to start immunotherapy…over 65…and thinks he is invincible.

Be kind!

Wash your hands!

Stay safe!


  1. Lungs that shit phlegm that is! Lol!
    It dawned on my husband just yesterday that I was self selecting to socially isolate myself because I am on Verzenio and have a very low white blood cell count with a compromised immune system. I haven’t gone 5 years with this to die from complications of a stinking virus!

    I hope your granddaughter comes home soon. Shame on her father for using fear to keep her under his roof. If she wanted to be there he’d not need to use fear to keep her there.


  2. I’m also amazed at the reactions of so many people. I realize it’s scary and rather unprecedented, but that’s no excuse to be unkind. I hope your granddaughter is able to come home soon and that everyone remains as healthy as possible. Love and light to you. ❤️


    1. I am praying your household remains untouched by this virus. And we got her back today. But her father put himself in a tight spot. Military is looking at giving him a dishonorable discharge. He cussed two superiors who told him to send her home. Plus he called my daughter blaming her for all the trouble he was in…which ended in my daughter’s commander adding harassment charges.

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